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Perennial Plants & Flowers

The Cornerstone of Your Garden

Perennial plants are the cornerstone and foundation of any garden. Here at Jackson & Perkins, we offer a wide selection of perennials for sale. Whether it’s cheerful daisies for bright sunny areas or bushy green ferns and hostas for shady spots, we have a variety of perennial plants to suit any landscape.

Our perennials are also hardy and durable, which makes them quite easy to care for and able to withstand harsh winters. Plant them during the spring or fall to allow them plenty of sunlight and rainfall to establish their roots. Perennial plants may take their time to establish within new soil, but once they take root, they are sure to last. How long they last varies anywhere from a few years to a lifetime, returning year after year and exhibiting a beautiful display of blooms or fronds.

Some perennial flowers will bloom throughout the growing season, but many have a month or two of flowers at some point during the growing season. After that, the foliage will remain to nourish the plant for the following year. A good example is the peony, which will bloom in the early summer with voluptuous large flowers with an incredible scent. This plant is well worth growing in the garden, but it will not repeat blooming in the same year. Peonies will live for generations and are passed through the family!

It is important to plan your garden so that each area has something blooming at all times in a perennial garden. If your garden is a mixed border consisting of perennials and annuals, the annuals generally bloom throughout the growing season and can provide the flower color when the perennial next to it has completed its cycle.

Add perennial plants to fill in the gaps in a garden or landscape and, with minimal effort, watch them take off in early spring and bloom quickly.