Echinacea (Coneflower) Plants

A great easy to care for butterfly magnet

Echinacea plants, also known as coneflowers, are well worth adding to your perennial garden. Our coneflower blooms open to show stunning colors including orange, lavender, and more. Plus, as they grow, their colors will change, creating visual interest for the full life of the plant. The large cone-shaped blooms last a long time, whether on the plant or in a vase, making them perfect for cut flower arrangements. Jackson and Perkins’ coneflowers for sale will attract all the pollinators, especially the butterflies. If you want blooms that make a statement, we guarantee our echinacea plants for sale will do just that.

Coneflower plants are typically quite tall, but this is a nice compact plant that grows to about 18 inches and spreads about 24 inches—making it a great and filling choice for your sunny garden, especially if you’re looking for a plant to fill in a space. Echinacea (coneflower) plants are known for their hardiness, and one of our favorites, the Echinacea Butterfly Rainbow Marcella, is no exception. It will tolerate heat, cold, drought and poor soil. Best of all, it is not usually bothered by deer, rabbits, insects or disease. 

Echinaceas are a great plant choice for all gardeners, but especially the inexperienced gardener because of its easy care. Be sure to add these easy-to-grow garden stunners to your beds this year and treat yourself to a sunset any time of day.