Rose Gardening Advice Webinars

Watch our newly released, seasonal webinars to learn more about caring for your roses.

Each edition features rosarians, professional rose growers, and industry leaders who discuss their best practices. You’ll never miss a rose gardening tip again! This collection of webinars, available to watch any time, is specifically crafted to address how best to care for your roses outdoors. You may be surprised how easy it is to plant and grow roses. For more than 150 years, Jackson & Perkins has been studying the genus, hybridizing new varieties, and selling exclusive roses that can only be found here.

We’re extremely proud of our rose gardening heritage and work hard to be the best place for you to buy roses online. Our rose expertise runs deep so, when it’s time to add to your rose garden, begin a new garden, or plant roses with your perennials, we have all the tips you’ll need to be successful.

Consult these helpful resources, we have the tools you need to become a confident rose gardener. We’re adding to our Rose Gardening Advice webinar collection frequently. Sign up for emails to get advanced notification of upcoming events, videos, and special offers on roses, plants, trees and shrubs, and gifts for gardeners, too.




Caring for Roses in Spring

What this webinar covers: Planting bare root roses, mulching tips, watering best practices, and resources to learn more.

Summer Rose Care

In this webinar you will learn about how summer's heat impacts your roses, watering goals for different Zones, and special considerations for roses grown in containers.

Companion Planting with Roses

Planning, plant selection, and garden design tips to create the rose and perennial garden you've been dreaming about.

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More Gardening Resources

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