Garden Tips: Frequently Asked Questions

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Here you’ll find resources to help you find answers to your inquiries with links to frequently asked questions organized by flower type. Each category below will connect you with resources for the planting and maintenance of your garden roses, perennials, living gifts, and plants.

State of Grace rose

Looking for information about growing roses?

Find our expert’s tips for growing and caring for your roses and answers to frequently asked questions.

Roses are America’s flower and a centuries-long favorite for backyard gardeners. Have you heard that roses are hard to grow? Don’t believe it. Consult our video library for rose planting, care, and maintenance instructions as well as our complete series to growing and caring for your roses. Still have a question? We’re here to help. Please send us an email


Visit the rose care video library page.

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Hydrangea petiolaris flowers

Looking for information about growing perennial flowers and plants?

Our horticultural experts have distilled these tips for growing and caring for the most popular perennials.

Perennials, by virtue of their name, come back bigger and better each season. There are ways to help them develop fully and rebloom strongly and healthfully. Find tips here for perennial flowers and plants. Don’t find the type you’re looking for? Send us an email and we’ll ask the experts and send you more information. Please send us an email


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spring bulbs

Looking for information about growing houseplants and caring for your living gifts?

We’ve taken the best recommendations and compiled them here for your easy reference.

A houseplant and living gift can be an addition to your household decor for years to come with the proper care. Not sure where to begin? Consult the resources here for tips about care and maintenance of your living gift or houseplant. Please send us an email


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amaryllis flower gift

Looking for general care tips for plants and garden specimens?

Check out these care instructions for more information.

Caring for plants is easy when you know what to look for. Tips on how much water, when to fertilize, should I prune can all be found in our growing and caring guides above. Looking for tips on caring for a plant but not finding it here? Check out our planting and care instruction page. Please send us an email


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