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Drought-Tolerant Plants

Use Every Drop Wisely

Just because you live in a dry or drought-prone area doesn’t mean that you can’t have a beautiful garden. At Jackson & Perkins, we offer a wide array of drought-resistant flowers and plants that produce beautiful foliage without large amounts of water. Whether you’re looking for flowers, herbs or ground cover, we’ve got you covered with dozens of options to fit every garden and budget.

When shopping, first consider whether you want drought-resistant perennials or annuals, and use that to narrow down your search. It’s totally possible to find drought-resistant perennials that will keep coming back year after year despite the environmental stressors. So if you prefer not to replant every year, then that’s definitely an option.

Not all drought-resistant flowering plants are created equal, and some are better-suited to certain zones than others or have different light requirements. Be sure to check the description on each plant on the Jackson & Perkins website before placing an order to select the best drought-resistant flowers for your home garden.

If you’ve never explored the world of drought-resistant plants before, then you might be surprised how beautiful and colorful they can be—even though they use a minimum of water. Our drought-resistant flowers come in a rainbow of colors that hide their hardy natures. No matter how much rainfall your area gets, you can get the colorful summer garden of your dreams with drought-resistant perennials from Jackson & Perkins.