Annual Plants

Discover the joy of effortless gardening with our container garden design kits that include a perfect blend of perennial and annual flowers, depending on your selection.

Perfectly Picked and Pre-packed for Your Garden and Patio

Quick, easy, and beautiful: what more does a garden and gardener need? Discover the joy of effortless gardening with our container garden design kits. Designed for beginners and experts, these ready-to-plant perennial and annual flower assortments, that we call Blooming Blocks, offer an exciting way to enhance your outdoor spaces with minimal effort. The plants in our pre-planted flower design kits arrive in nutrient-rich soil blocks with flower selections that are meticulously curated to ensure a harmonious display of colors and textures, ready to make an immediate impact in your garden or on your patio.

Blooming Block Drawing

Explore Our Ready-to-plant Flower Collections

Unveil the beauty of your garden and patio areas with our expertly selected, pre-planted flower collections. Each kit is a testament to our dedication to quality and variety, featuring perfectly paired flowers ready to thrive in their new home. Ideal for those looking to bring a burst of life to their outdoor spaces without the guesswork of plant selection, these flower assortments are the epitome of convenience and beauty.

Key Features of Ready-to-plant Flower Assortments

Fuss-Free Gardening: Our collections are pre-planted, meaning they're ready to go straight from the box to your garden or container. This eliminates the need for separate planting of individual plants, offering an immediate transformation of your space.

Expertly Curated Flower Combinations: Each collection is thoughtfully composed by our horticultural experts, ensuring a visually stunning display that will flourish together in your chosen setting.

Extended Blooming Periods: Designed to provide color and vibrancy throughout the season, our collections include varieties selected for their prolonged blooming times and resilience.

Container Garden Kits: Ideal for patio pots, balcony containers, or any outdoor area, our collections are perfect for creating impactful container displays with ease.