Top Tips for Planting Your Flower Garden

3 Steps to Garden Planning Like a Pro

“Bloom where you’re planted” is a common garden (and lifestyle) refrain. Here are 3 tips to ensure blooms from your perennial garden.

One of the many terrific things about planting a garden? You can move your plants to improve their habitat if they aren’t thriving. But, with a little planning, you can get it right the first time and enjoy a bountiful flower, edible, herb, and rose garden from year one.

Set yourself up for a successful garden by considering these 3 key factors: sunlight, mature plant size, flowering time.


How many hours of sunlight does the space you are considering receive in the summer? Observe the sunlight your space gets and when it’s sunny. Many plants prefer morning sun and afternoon shade.

  • Full sun plants need 6 or more hours of direct sun per day.
  • Part shade plants need 3 -6 hours of sun per day.
  • Full shade plants require less than 3 hours of direct sun per day.


Prioritize plotting your plant layout in a north to south orientation to ensure they all have equal access to the sun’s rays. If you plant east to west, taller plants and shrubs may shade shorter plants.

Plant Size

Consider the mature size of your plants. Don’t think about putting 5 plants in a 5’ x 5’ space. Plants need air circulation and room to stretch their limbs. So, check the mature height and width of your favorite plants and flowers and position accordingly, for your maximum garden success.

Flowering Time

If you’re a flower garden fan (and who isn’t?), be sure you choose plants with varied the bloom times so you’re always admiring beautiful, colorful blooms from spring until fall. Some plants go semi-dormant in the heat of midsummer while others delight in the heat.


Depending on the size of your garden or the number of containers you’re filling, choose an assortment of late and early spring, summer, and fall bloomers. Intersperse them in the garden and you’ll have lovely foliage to complement the blooms as your perennials show off during their prime flowering time range.


Want more tips from the pros? Watch this video with recommendations for plant types that work well with roses.