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Spring Plants & Spring-Blooming Perennials

Awaken your sleeping garden with fresh color

Few sights are as impressive as the first blooms from your spring plants. With a background like the drab gray landscape of late winter, these brave spring blooming perennials act as your first indication that the cold is ending and you can welcome the season of growth and warmth into your landscape. Choose from colorful roses, vibrant creeping ground cover and every one of our favorite shrubs, flowers and bushes in between. With these spring perennials, you can design beautiful, low-maintenance plantings that will return bigger and brighter year after year.

When choosing your spring-blooming perennials, be sure to note when they bloom and the type of sun they need (full sun, partial sun, or shade). This will ensure they have the best place in your garden to grow and that your garden is full of color year after year. Spring-blooming flowers are also a great resource for your garden’s bees, birds and butterflies, too. Shop our very best spring blooming plants here at Jackson & Perkins.