Shade Perennials

Shade Perennials – Fill Shady Spaces with Bold Colors and Intriguing Foliage

Your garden may not receive full sun, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be an award-winning landscape filled with boldly colored blooms and bright fragrances. So let the gorgeous flowers and attractive foliage of Jackson & Perkins’ exquisite assortment of shade perennials transform your garden and make those cool, shady spots pop.

Perennial shade plants bring warm, eye-catching bursts of yellow, purple, orange, red and green to your space. These enduring plants can change with the fall foliage, and some even attract visitors like hummingbirds.

When planning your garden, remember that not all shade is the same. There are different types of shade, including dappled light (also called filtered sun), partial sun and deep shade. Be sure to check the plant tags before making your selections so you know which ones will thrive in your particular garden.

You’ll find a variety of part and full shade plants in this assortment. Part shade perennials will perform best if they receive three to six hours of direct sunlight each day, preferably in the morning or afternoon. Full shade perennials will thrive in an area that gets dappled light, that stunning filtered sunlight that comes through the leaves of taller trees throughout the day. This can be beneath trees with spanning foliage or on north-facing walls. While they still need bright light to grow and photosynthesize, they don’t require direct sunlight.

When it comes to shade-loving plants, just be sure to meet their soil needs. Most will appreciate moist, well-drained soil, although a few will perform fine in drier conditions. Mulch around the base of your plants to help retain moisture in the soil and keep roots cool during hot summer days.

We’re proud to offer a wide selection of part shade and full shade perennials to meet every taste and need. No longer are the sunniest yards the most beautiful. By exploring the varieties of part and full shade perennials we offer — including ferns, coral bells (heuchera) and hostas — you can find the perfect plants to add texture, color and style to your shady landscape. Because you deserve the garden of your dreams, whether it’s shady or not.