Ornamental Grasses

A Dash of Color, Texture, and Movement

Ornamental grasses add interest to your landscaping–not just with color and shape, but with movement. Whether you prefer the tall, decorative grasses or the softly draping varieties, the motion of the grass swaying in the breeze just adds to the beauty of these grasses.

Here at Jackson & Perkins, we have selected grasses that are clumping varieties. This means that the plants will remain under control and fit nicely in whatever area of your garden you decide to place them. If you choose, they can also be planted in large swaths of mass plantings.

Each grass has unique characteristics and unique seed heads. Some also have autumn color to add to this group’s desirability. Some grasses prefer full sun, while others do well in the shade garden. Use some of the taller varieties (five feet tall or more) in the back of the flower border or plant alone for maximum effect. Mix the medium size two to three foot varieties throughout your garden beds and finish with the Hakone grass at the edge of the bed, draping onto the garden path. It can’t be more beautiful.