Delosperma (Iceplant)

Delosperma (Ice Plant) – An Easy-to-Grow Addition to Dry, Sunny Spots

Looking for a plant that is easy to grow and can thrive in dry, sunny spots? Look no further than delosperma, also known as the ice plant. Ice plants are low-maintenance beauties with a colorful selection of ground flowers and fleshy, succulent-like foliage. This makes them simultaneously gorgeous and visually interesting.

A vigorous grower, delosperma is good for ground cover. Give them the care they need in their first year and enjoy the colorful blooms and lush foliage for many more to come. Then, you can expect your ice plant to grow and bloom yearly with very little upkeep.

Another option for ice plants is to include them in containers. As they grow, they’ll form a mat that can easily spill over the edge of your pot. They are also excellent for rock gardens due to their drought-tolerant nature.

No matter how you incorporate them into your landscaping, delosperma is a beautiful and easy-to-grow plant that will add color and life to any dry, sunny spot. You’ll find ice plants for sale now, so don’t wait to add these exciting beauties to your home. Otherwise, they’ll be all gone!