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Perennials Under $20

Create the garden of your dreams that also benefits the environment, without breaking the bank

All gardeners know the power of a well-placed perennial to transform a garden, whether a low-growing ground cover, a gauzy, airy-textured grass, a native wildflower, or a fabulously fragrant herb. But perennials also create healthy environments that benefit the ecosystem.

A healthy garden is one abuzz with bees, abubble with butterflies, and bustling with birds. Planting a variety of perennials—including native species, heirloom plants, and herbs with varying heights and growth habits and with flowers in various sizes, shapes, and colors—provides nesting sites and food for the greatest diversity of native species and turns your landscape into a pollinator paradise. And perennials also support beneficial insects, which act as natural pest control, reducing or eliminating the need for pesticides.

Not to mention, perennials are great investments. They live for years, sometimes even decades, getting bigger and better. Some varieties have spreading habits and will replicate themselves over time, saving you even more money. Perennials also keep our vases filled with fresh flowers. So freely fill your patio pots, landscapes, and gardens with these budget-friendly perennials. And don’t forget your vegetable garden. The hardworking pollinators that perennials attract are vital for your garden’s productivity and will increase your overall yields.

But at these prices, you can afford to not only fill containers for seasonal displays but also replace hard-to-mow lawn areas with perennial ground covers or flowers, freeing up your time for fun activities.