Helleborus (Hellebore) for Sale

Year-round blooming flowers for any garden

Who says that plants have to stop blooming in the winter? Helleborus will add a whole other season to your garden. The Helleborus shows its remarkable colors and blooms by flowering from early winter to early spring. In fact, they actually like the winter and will bloom as far north as zone 4.

There are a few things to know if you’re considering the Jackson & Perkins Helleborus for sale for your garden. The Helleborus prefers shady areas and can grow in all sorts of soil conditions. Plus, Helleborus, better known as Helleborus Lenten Rose, is a low maintenance plant once established. The plant is an evergreen perennial that is disease-resistant and can tolerate heat and humidity, drought and, of course, cold. Not only that, but they are deer-resistant also. This means it’s great for beginner and experienced gardeners.

Here at Jackson & Perkins, we have a number of Helleborus for sale to choose from. The flowers of the Lenten Rose for sale range in color from a deep burgundy red to snow white. We even have a golden, show-stopping variety that really does add that wow factor when it blooms—especially when the rest of your garden is going dormant for the season. Don’t just consider color when you’re picking your Helleborus Lenten Rose. You can also decide if you’d like to have single blossoms or double blossoms (or more). This is the perfect plant for your woodland or any shady area in your landscape. When they’re not blooming, they offer beautiful evergreen leaves that fill those shady spots in your garden.