Hosta Perennials

Our Most Popular Shade Perennial

Our most popular shade perennial, the hosta is one of the most versatile and attractive perennials for a shady garden. This hardy plant is beloved for its attractive leaves that display unique color combinations and patterns, but it is also favored for its summer hosta flowers that bloom in white, pink or lavender. The shade-tolerant hosta perennial is easy to maintain, making it a foundational plant in gardens around the world. In fact, there are some gardeners who only plant hostas, creating beautiful beds with all different colors and variegations. 

Hostas for sale are available in all sizes from the tiny Lucky Mouse at only five inches tall maximum to hosta plants for sale that will grow to the size of a large shrub. Tuck a few Lucky Mouse hostas in any little open pocket of the shade garden, or spruce up your pots because these hosta are the perfect size for a container garden. Maui Buttercup is a great hosta plant for sale because instead of the usual green or green variegated leaves, this hosta has bright yellow leaves! If you have a dark corner of the shade garden, this is the perfect hosta to brighten it up. Hostas are great under mature trees with a large shade canopy as well.

At Jackson & Perkins, we have hosta plants for sale to suit any preference, environment or style. Explore hosta bulbs in a range of colors, textures, shapes and styles. The varieties of this plant will inspire you to design a richly colored and extravagantly textured garden. If you’re looking for that perfect plant to blossom in the shade, look no further.