Phlox Flowers

Plant the perfect perennial for your garden and your favorite pollinators

Phlox has been grown in gardens for generations, but today’s phlox has really improved from the original flower. Today’s beautiful full flowerheads come in many colors besides the original purple. Phlox flowers grow on long straight stems, making them great as a cut flower for the vase. Add the color range from purple to pink, coral to the beautiful Phlox “Twister,” which has snow white petals striped with a brilliant magenta, and you will have perfect flowers both out in the garden and in the vase.

Phlox can be tall depending on the variety you choose. The garden phlox we offer at Jackson & Perkins is between two feet and three feet tall, so they will work in the back of your border planting. The large, rounded phlox flowers will still rise above the flowers in the front of the bed and assert their position as queen of the flower garden. Don’t overlook the Phlox subulata either, which is a ground cover phlox. Only four inches high, this ground cover is perfect in the bulb garden or a rock garden. Our Phlox subulata is easy to care for, and it will cover the sunny area it is planted in with a carpet of purple flowers for several weeks in spring and thick green foliage the rest of the year. Simply shear the phlox after it finishes blooming to deadhead and that is all the care it needs once established.

Phlox is universally easy to grow, colorful and supports pollinators, so it’s the perfect perennial to add to your garden—whether you’re an experienced gardener or new to planting.