Roses by Type

A rose for every purpose and every surface

With Jackson & Perkins’ huge selection of roses, it can sometimes be a challenge to find exactly what you’re looking for. So, we created this section of roses by type to help you find the perfect roses for you, quickly and easily.

If you want the traditional, long-stemmed, exhibition-type roses, especially in a cutting garden, the hybrid tea and grandiflora roses are what you’re looking for. These bush roses tend to be upright and full. The large blooms are borne singly or in small clusters and are typically high-centered or old-fashioned and are often fragrant. Hybrid tea and grandiflora roses grace garden and vase with big, beautiful blooms from late spring to late fall.

Or if an easy-care rose is more your style, check out our floribunda, shrub, and landscape roses. These flowering shrubs come in many sizes and shapes but tend to be round and bushy. They typically bloom in large clusters, and although their blooms run smaller, they’re plentiful. These roses grow well in just about any sunny spot in the garden or landscape, including in mixed beds, borders, and containers.

But don’t miss the groundcover, climbing, and tree roses. Groundcover roses beautifully blanket garden floors, gracefully tumble over garden walls, and elegantly overflow hanging baskets. Climbing roses adorn garden structures, such as arbors, fences, and garden gates, with brilliant, lofty blooms in magnificent colors; and if allowed to stand alone, they form floriferous fountains. Tree roses flank a front door in formality and pair with perennials in patio pots. Highly versatile, groundcovers, climbers, and tree roses create dazzling displays and give a lot of bang for the buck.