Shrub & Ground Cover Roses

Transform a Trouble Spot!

If you love the beauty of rose plants, but have no experience growing them, this is the collection for you. These roses were specifically chosen for being both easy care and disease resistant. Consisting of primarily ground cover roses and shrub roses, these selections are perfect for the beginner rosarian or the gardener with difficult trouble spots.

Sparse, barren and underperforming areas in a garden or landscape can be quite the eyesore. Instead, landscape roses can transform trouble spots into voluminous and widespread flower carpet presentations. Depending on the variety of rose you choose, the flowers can have the traditional tea rose shape, have flowers with a hundred petals each or have the old-fashioned open petals surrounding a cluster of stamens. These rose bushes come in a wide variety of colors, so you are sure to find the perfect color for your landscape.

If it’s a bare spot that needs to be cloaked and concealed, Jackson & Perkins has put together this collection of landscape roses and groundcover roses just for that! Each shrub or hedge bush develops fast-growing, heavy blooms that can quickly mask an area and turn it into a stunning display. This collection also offers rose varieties that are easy to grow, need little maintenance and can adapt well to challenging soil conditions. Cover a barren patch in any landscape or create a garden border with one of these beautiful and hardy landscape roses and groundcover roses.

Alternatively, these rose bushes can be planted in containers or hanging baskets, allowing them to overflow and spill over the sides as well as emit a signature rose scent throughout the patio or outdoor living space. Don’t limit these roses to the outdoors only. These groundcover and shrub roses will be blooming throughout the growing season so there will be plenty of flowers to cut and enjoy indoors as well.