Fragrant Lavender Simplicity® Hedge Rose

Simplicity® at its Finest!

Double Blooms Provide Aromatic Citrus Scent

Fragrant Lavender Simplicity® Hedge Rose
Item # v1570
Personal Gift Advisor
5 - 10
Bloom Start To End
Late Spring - Late Summer
Plant Height
4 ft - 5 ft
Plant Width
24 in - 3 ft
Bloom Size
3.5 in
Additional Characteristics
Flower, Fragrance
Bloom Color
Light Lavender
Bud Shape
Ovoid, Pointed
Foliage Color
Dark Green
Citrus, Strong
Light Requirements
Full Sun
Border, Cut Flowers, Hedge, Landscapes, Ornamental, Outdoor
Overall Rating: 4 Stars
  Average Based on 7 Review(s)
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Happy little plants!
azmomof2 from AZ wrote (October 27, 2017):
I planted 125 white and pink Simplicity roses for my sister's wedding 26 years ago in Sacramento, CA. Every single one still blooming beautifully for her daughter's wedding this year. Now, ordered 5 Lavender for my Tucson home. Planted (not promptly)and saw lovely new growth 3 days later. Beautiful, wonderful plants, easy-care!
So far so good
Suz1 from GA wrote (August 07, 2017):
We planted 27 of these roses, purchased bare root, in June 2017. We are in Zone 8. It is now early August and they are doing well, about 2 feet high and are bushing out nicely. All of them are healthy and blooming. This rose blooms very well. I sure hope it will get to five feet high by early next Spring/Summer. We don't have disease problems with them... at least not yet.
Plus and Minus
Amateur gardener - natural look and cottage from VA wrote (August 06, 2017):
Plus: when it performs it's amazing, the fragrance is captivating. I love the shape, look, and size. It's in my purple/blue garden with lavender, allium, sage, iris and a large bench for sitting and taking in the aromas. Bayer systemic rose fertilizer works well. Minus: Half died, the beetles love it. I had to move mine twice before it decided to thrive.
Nancy R from OH wrote (March 08, 2017):
All of my Simplicity roses looked fantastic in their first summer. All but less than half of dozen out of over forty completely died in the first winter in zone 6 (the rest basically died back to the ground and sent up one pitiful cane). In the second winter, the easiest, warmest winter in our history, the remaining roses died. These lavender Simplicity roses are gorgeous but seem incredibly fragile. Totally unsuitable for a hedge. The expense and hard work of putting in a hedge with dozens of roses makes this really daunting. We dug ideal holes, watered and fed very carefully, and the result was that all of our roses died. I have a large rose garden and am not an amateur.
beautiful hedge roses - lavender and yellow
Nancy F from OH wrote (October 21, 2015):
We planted around fifty bare root lavender Simplicity hedge roses in zone 6/5 (Southwestern Ohio). Only two did not thrive- the rest grew to around 5 feet between May and October. Our roses have grown tall and straight in the first year- not yet forming a solid hedge. Still, we are incredibly impressed with the progress for first season roses. This is a productive rose, always blooming (deadheading helped), and it is the most fragrant rose in our garden. Blooms last well in vases and bring a lovely scent to my office and living room. This is a really useful color for cutting gardens, especially paired with white, apricot, and yellow. I am so very happy that we chose the fragrant lavender Simplicity. We did also purchase about a half dozen yellow Simplicity roses. Those have grown from about half to possibly 2/3 the size of our lavender Simplicity (they were planted a bit later but never caught up). While the lavender variety is fully double the yellow Simplicity is closer to a single rose and not really useful for a cutting garden. It is bright and cheerful but may need more babying than we have provided. The lavender plants required little more than consistent early watering- once established they have flourished. I have been surprised by how very attractive the lavender plants are to pollinators, too- lots of small bees and harmless beetles love them, more so than any of our other roses.
Beautiful & fragrant
KateB from MI wrote (September 02, 2015):
Ordered 10 of these as bare-root shrubs. Planted them along our driveway and all but 1 (which was DOA) have been blooming prolifically all summer. Fragrance is wonderful, can smell from 6 feet away--neighbors walking by love it. Leaves are susceptible to blackspot...I will be treating with copper diligently next year. We ordered another shrub to replace the dead one a few weeks after we planted the others, it's now about 2/3 the size of the other roses. I am hoping everything will survive winter (is supposed to be milder than usual); we will be mulching well with straw just in case, as they aren't well established yet.
The best roses on the market!
from wrote (January 30, 2014):
I have been buying mostly Roses from them since 1993, I cannot bring myself to buy Roses anywhere else, they are so perfect, I purchased 12 simplicity lavender in November and they were blooming already the second week, plus 3 others Roses, I am in the process of making a Rose garden and it is all their roses, Thank you.