Patio Roses for Pots & Containers

Add classic, colorful elegance to your outdoor spaces!

Did you know that there are many types of roses that you can add to containers and pots? It’s true — roses aren't just for the garden anymore. Expand your budding roses to containers! Jackson & Perkins is ecstatic to offer these exceptionally compact cultivars that will fit happily in most sizes of containers on your patio. Our patio roses for sale offer the latest breeding breakthroughs each season and decorate your patio with elegant appeal.

Choose the perfect patio roses for pots today, from stunning floribundas to gorgeous tree roses of every shape, size and color. Almost any rose can be grown in containers. Check the mature size of the rose you want to use. If it is not too large, you can pot roses in a large enough container to fit the root ball. 

We also offer groundcover roses to plant in hanging pots for your front porch, pergola and even on shepherd’s hooks in your garden or along a walkway in your backyard. You can also buy the beautiful container-grown tree roses to line the entry to your home or to divide one part of your landscape from another. Shop our stunning selection of patio roses today and enjoy the look — and sweet, intoxicating scent.

Remember that container or pot roses will need winter protection if growing in the colder zones. Bring them into an attached garage or even indoors to spend the winter. The container or pot will not provide enough protection from the cold in the more northern climates. Shop patio roses today with Jackson & Perkins and decorate your doorstep with color and style.