Simplicity Hedge Roses

Create a stunning row of easy-to-grow roses.

Simplicity Hedge Roses were introduced by Jackson & Perkins in 1979 by plant breeder Bill Warriner. Now, all these years later, it is still one of the most popular roses because it’s easy to maintain and can be depended on to provide loads of the beautiful flower we all love.

This densely branched, wonderfully healthy floribunda can tolerate dense planting to form a hedge. In fact, it will thrive. Simplicity is renowned for its healthy light green foliage that is resistant to disease and tolerant of the heat and humidity of summer. The Simplicity Rose will stand up to pests, also. This rose is a vigorous grower and will be about four to five feet high.

Of course, with roses, it’s all about the flowers, and Simplicity Roses will not let you down. They bloom several times a season in great waves, the heaviest bloom in late spring or early summer, but intermittent flowers continue until autumn in many climates. With Simplicity Roses, the key word is "easy." These flowers need no spraying, debudding or other special treatment to reach their full 3-inch size.