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Hybrid Tea Roses

The Florist's Best Friend

The hybrid tea rose lends a lovely and harmonious cross between the tea rose and hybrid perpetual rose. This rose offers elegant, long sturdy stems and full blooms in a variety of petal colors. Hybrid roses are perfectly suitable for bouquets, making them the gold standard of the floral industry. These modern garden hybrid roses grow into a five- to six-foot bush that can be situated among other perennials and shrubs within a mixed garden bed or as a hedge in surrounding landscaping.

Jackson & Perkins carries the best hybrid tea roses with large and high centered bushes that stand out in any cutting garden and emit a wonderful fragrance. Our roses are also grown within the soils of California, which offer a world-class, nutrient-balanced environment and plenty of sun. Seasoned professional rose growers raise healthy specimens and then hand select each bareroot system or pre-established container to ensure every horticulturist and homeowner will soon have a vigorously growing tea rose in their garden.

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