Hybrid Tea Roses

The Florist's Best Friend

The hybrid tea rose is the rose against which all other types of roses are judged. A tea rose is familiar to most people as the long-stemmed roses given as a gift for special events like Valentine’s Day.

Tea roses grow with a single flower at the top of each stem. The pointed bud that opens into a large voluptuous bloom is the epitome of beauty. When cut, the long straight stems of these roses look marvelous as an elegant bouquet in your best vase. It's no wonder that these are the roses chosen for anniversaries or Valentine’s Day.

Tea roses are known for the wide range of colors available, from pure white to deep red velvet, pinks, apricot, yellows and even lavender. There are also hybrid roses that are bicolored, some with just a blush of the second color while others have a strong contrast. Not only are tea roses beautiful to look at, but they also have an amazing scent that is just as special.

While tea roses unfortunately have had a reputation for being high maintenance roses, that is happily changing. Disease and pest resistance is increasing with new varieties of tea roses that become available. This will significantly lower the amount of care required. Rose breeders are also working to extend the grow zones where tea roses can be successfully grown. Most hybrid tea roses can be grown as far north as Zone 4 and as far south as Zone 10. Whether you add a tea rose to your perennial garden or have a rose garden, the hybrid tea rose is a must-have for every flower gardener.

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