Roses for Cutting

Turn your home into a beautiful rose garden

Roses are so beautiful we want them around all the time — and rightfully so! They're great in the garden in all their natural splendor, but they sure look great in a vase in front of a window or on a mantel, too. 

At Jackson & Perkins, we offer a wide variety of roses for cutting with long, sturdy stems and breathtakingly colorful flowers ideal for adding dynamic beauty to the inside of your home or a loved one’s home. There's nothing quite like bringing the beauty of your garden right into your home, while knowing your rose bush will be replacing those cut roses with more soon enough. Best of all, designing a cut flower garden is easy. And with our high quality plants, you'll soon be creating arrangements to brighten every room.

If you’re looking specifically for cut roses, hybrid tea roses are commonly used for bouquets. These are the typical roses used by florists. While the bouquet of these beautiful flowers is stunning, don't forget the impact that a single cut rose in a beautiful bud vase can make. Placed on the bedside table or on a windowsill next to a chair, it can provide the opportunity to enjoy and admire the intricacy and beauty of a single bloom. A low vase overflowing with several stems of grandifloras or floribundas will turn your flowers into a work of art. Do you prefer a more cottage garden style of various flowers including some cut roses? This bouquet will give you a more casual but no less beautiful bouquet to place as a centerpiece on the table or in the entry to your home. 

As you can see, our different roses for cutting selections are easy to grow and provide a brilliant variety of colors, forms and textures so your vase, bouquet and centerpiece displays will be as unique as they are fresh and beautiful.