Grandiflora Roses

Big is Beautiful

When rose breeders combined hybrid tea roses — with their beautiful flowers and wonderful scent — with the floribunda rose, which has rose flowers in clusters and is much lower maintenance, the result was a new category of rose called grandifloras. Grown primarily for their huge and showy blooms, grandifloras boast the same picturesque form as hybrid teas. However, hybrid teas bloom with one flower on the end of each stem. These are the florist roses that typically are given for special events like anniversaries or on Valentine’s Day. Grandifloras have the same shape flower as the tea rose parent, only they grow in clusters that repeat frequently throughout the season. Grandiflora rose bushes tend to grow larger, as tall as six feet, making them impressive specimens for the back of borders or other plantings. They are also known for exceptional hardiness and disease resistance, making them a dream to grow!

The first grandiflora rose, named Queen Elizabeth, is a pink rose with a lovely scent. Today, grandiflora roses are available in all the rose colors and most retain the scent of their hybrid tea rose parent.

Grandiflora rose bushes prefer full sun. They are heavy feeders so will need good soil when planted and regular feeding throughout the growing season. They also need to be watered regularly. Don’t overwater so that the roots are in soggy soil but enough to keep the soil moist and allow the plant to take advantage of the nutrients in the soil.

Prune in the early spring and deadhead throughout the summer to encourage continuous blooms. Grandifloras make gorgeous bouquets for the vase and will fill your home with beauty and scent. Grandifloras are a good choice if you are new to growing roses.