Climbing Roses

Gorgeous Cascades of Color!

Climbing roses are roses that have long canes that will be covered with blooms. This type of rose is perfect for covering an arbor, climbing up a trellis or as a floral canopy for your pergola. They are also called crawling roses for a reason. Plant your rose next to a low wall or fence and your rose will crawl along the fence and eventually cover the fence.

It is important that you really do your homework when purchasing climbing roses. Some will only grow eight feet long, which may not work well if you envision them as a ceiling to your pergola. On the other hand, there are climbing roses that grow 20-foot-long canes which could be too much for a small trellis. Another thing to consider when choosing a climbing rose is that most climbing roses will have their main bloom in spring and fall. They continue to bloom in the summer but not as profusely. This is why some gardeners plant their climbing roses with a companion plant of clematis. The two plants will grow on the same structure, and the clematis will have its main blooming in the summer when the roses are not as prolific.

Most climbing roses prefer full sun; however, there are some that will tolerate a partially shaded site. If your climate is wet, consider the Arborose series which has been bred to resist fungal diseases like black spot and mildew.

Climbing roses come in many colors from white to orange, pink flowers to gorgeous reds. The climbing roses can have double flowers, and flowers that will rival the beautiful tea roses for beauty as well as the amazing scent. No matter what, our climbing roses for sale can make a statement to anyone entering your yard and wow them throughout the season.