Shrub & Rugosa Roses

Roses the way Nature intended

The American Rose Society defines shrub roses as “a class of hardy, easy-care plants that encompass bush roses that do not fit in any other category of rose bushes.” These roses are especially well-suited for ground cover, hedge row or screening landscape features.

Also known as landscape roses, shrub roses come in a variety of colors of both single and double blooms ranging from white, red, yellow, pink, lavender and apricot. This selection includes some bicolor choices also. Did you know the different colors of roses have meanings? Red flowers symbolize love, while orange means passion. Yellow stands for friendship and lavender means fascination.

The easiest and longest-blooming rose bushes you will ever grow, shrub varieties are more beautiful and garden-tough than ever before! At Jackson & Perkins, we have the best classic and modern shrub varieties ready to set right into your crowded sun border, the baking-hot foundation planting, the strip along the driveway and even the sidewalk island! Dense, bushy and quite pest and disease-resistant, shrub roses are tough plants and are usually quite heavy-blooming, with smaller flowers in greater numbers than their hybrid tea and floribunda cousins. Plant in average soil with good drainage and work some compost into the soil. Be sure to plant your roses in full sun. This means a minimum of six hours of sun between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. — more is even better. Less sunlight means less blooms and a much greater risk of fungal diseases.

Shrub roses are usually cold hardy, and some are safe to plant as low as growing Zone 2! At the end of the season, allow some blooms to remain on the rose bushes to form colorful rose hips to give interest to the winter landscape. Included in our selection are several varieties of rugosa roses, Simplicity roses, and Knock Out roses, along with several others. Every garden (and every gardener!) deserves these low-maintenance, high-value shrubs!