Miniature Roses

Small blooms with big color and fragrance

Miniature roses have been bred to stay under three feet tall while still putting out clusters of colorful blooms. This makes them ideal additions to rock gardens, tight border spots, the edges of rose gardens and patio or porch container gardens. The short rose bushes grow dense and thick, creating packed trusses full of petite and fragrant blooms. The flowers have the hybrid tea form. Each flower has a high center and petals that slowly unfurl to expose the beautiful rose form, as well as the lovely scent. Miniature roses are available in many of the colors of their full-size relatives.

Jackson & Perkins knows that sometimes beauty and elegance comes in smaller packages, and that is why our mini roses for sale are the perfect choice for your garden. These roses are easy to care for and easy to maintain, and they are certainly not as intimidating as the larger full-sized rose bushes. Best of all, they’re considered perennials, which means they come back every year so you can enjoy your mini roses again and again. Most can tolerate the heat of the south without a problem, and some are hardy as low as Zone 4.

These miniature roses are so adaptable that many gardeners use them as a houseplant in the winter with great success. They probably won’t bloom as freely as they do in the summer, but they are attractive plants even without the flowers and it will be that much more exciting when they do bloom. They also make beautiful living gifts at Christmas or any other holiday.

Despite their smaller stature, these mini roses require the same love and care you show their larger cousins, so be sure to pick up your rose fertilizer with your purchase. Roses are heavy feeders so feed them regularly for the best results. Add these elegant pops of color to your favorite spots in the garden today.