House Plants

House Plants – Bring Nature Indoors

A house isn’t a home without plants – at least, that’s what we always say. Not only do they freshen the air and make a place feel more lived in, but they also have some fantastic stylistic value. And did we mention they’re good for your health, too?

Indoor plants are an easy way to brighten and beautify your home. The many textures, shapes and colors of house plants add a touch of greenery to your home’s interior, whether they bloom or not. They’re also a great way to add visual interest to a room. The impact that a vibrantly red anthurium or a cascading pothos can have on a space is hard to overstate.

An effective way of displaying house plants is in a group. Combine opposites, with each plant having a unique look from the other. For instance, a tall spiky snake plant with a lacy fern and a vining pothos will be an interesting grouping. Though if you have a standout plant like a colorful croton, you might want to give it the spotlight alone.

When looking for the right ones to add to your home, consider where you would like them to go and what type of care they need. For example, south-facing windows will always have the brightest light, while north-facing ones will be less ideal. East- and west-facing windows will have the strongest light for part of the day, but can also be too hot, so look for plants that can tolerate that kind of exposure.

If you don’t have a lot of time to care for your plants, there are some that are very easy to maintain. Aloe vera, succulents and snake plants are top choices that can live for a long time with little care. If you’re looking for something that will bloom, consider azaleas, bromeliads or kalanchoes.

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