Living Gifts

Plant & Flower Gifts that Just Grow in Beauty

Choosing the perfect gift is never easy. You want the gift to be meaningful and memorable. It can be a struggle sometimes. If you need gifts for a plant lover, look no further. A plant gift is the perfect choice for the gardener in your life. You’ll have lots of options. Choose a plant that will be a welcome addition to the houseplants they already have or choose a unique plant gift.

There is nothing like the live plant gift of forced bulbs, including the magnificent amaryllis. Planted with other bulbs like hyacinths and daffodils, it’s a breath of springtime in the middle of winter. If your gardener likes a challenge, surprise your friend with a bonsai to add to their enjoyment of gardening in a special way. Combine it with a set of bonsai tools or a book on bonsais and you will be giving a very special gift.

For an extra special gift for the someone in your life who is always looking for an easy way to experience bulbs, or who can’t have an outdoor garden, consider a bulb club for them. Choose the three-, six- or twelve-month club and each month the special person in your life will receive a collection of flower bulbs in the first stages of growth. All they have to do is water to have a colorful flower garden in their home. Any of the live plant gifts we’ve grown for you are great choices. The hardest part is going to be trying to narrow it down to the most perfect gift from our plant gifts selection.