Roses by Color

A virtual rainbow of roses

Color is a powerful tool to express yourself, and that includes in your garden. While gardens derive interest from many aspects, such as foliage textures and hardscapes, color is still the heart of the garden. And what other garden flowers offer the range in color and versatility of the rose? Roses come in a virtual rainbow of hues, including pure white, yellow, pink, orange, red, lavender, plum purple, burgundy, and yes, even green, and everything in between. Some blooms are bicolored or multicolored and some have a picotee, a colorful reverse, or smoky or silvery overtones.

The ever-popular red roses tend to be attention grabbers in the garden. But purple roses can absolutely steal the show, and white roses can appear almost luminescent, especially in a moonlit garden. Orange and yellow colors add a warm, cheerful note, while pastel pinks and lavender lend softness, providing a place for the eye to rest.

Mixed with other sunny perennials, roses can create subtle combinations, such as analogous or monochromatic color schemes, for soothing, restful environments; or they can form bold contrasts of complementary colors that make colors pop, creating visual interest. So, whether you prefer calm vibes and soothing color harmonies or the excitement of intense color contrasts, roses can help you unleash your inner artist and create the garden that best suits your personal style.