Red Roses

The color of LOVE!

Although you probably could have guessed this one, the red rose represents true love. It has appeared throughout history as a token of romance and affection. A red rose is perfect for celebrating an anniversary, Valentine's Day or any other relationship milestone. If you want to be able to gift long stemmed red roses from your garden to someone special in your life, red hybrid tea roses are for you. But there are so many other options available, too!

Here at Jackson & Perkins, we have many red roses to choose from. Our red roses range in color from the deepest dark red roses to cherry reds and pinkish reds. If you want a very unique red rose plant, check out the Daring Spirit Hybrid Tea Rose. This rose is an irregular combination of red and white colored flowers. This outstanding rose will be the highlight of your rose garden and sure to stop any guests to your garden in their tracks.

Of course, we also offer beautiful red roses as floribundas, shrub roses, groundcovers and climbers. Our selection ensures you can grow red rose plants anywhere in your garden you desire, and they will thrive. The perfect red rose for your garden is just waiting for you to bring it home. Just make sure to get your rose fertilizer, too!

Another option if you want to gift red roses or to add a rose to your patio or container garden is the miniature red rose plant. This living plant can remain indoors as a houseplant, or you can move it outdoors as a garden plant. It’s the perfect solution for someone with limited space but an unquenchable desire to grow the beautiful red rose.