Orange Roses

A high-energy, attention-grabbing color with a playful vibe

Color is the heart of the garden, and color harmonies not only produce pleasing visual interest but also create a sense of order and balance. Orange is a secondary color that mixes the dramatic energy of red with the sunny optimism of yellow. Orange is a high-energy, attention-grabbing color with a playful vibe. Mix orange roses with blue perennials in a complementary color scheme and they become bold rabble-rousers. However, orange roses are also a great option for a monochromatic color scheme because there are so many shades to play with, and many are smoky-, rusty-, or bronzy-toned or have interesting features, like stripes, a light reverse, or a picotee, which keeps the single-color scheme from becoming bland. For instance, combining roses in fresh apricot and tangerine hues with marmalades and peachy pastels creates a deliciously sweet and affable combination. But throw in a few feisty orange roses or perennials in brighter hues of corn poppy coquelicot and vivacious vermilion or the spicy shades of cinnabar, cider, and amber and the conservative combo begins to pop and sizzle. Adding to the mix, many orange roses exude a fruity/citrusy scent or a spicy aroma that will waft through the garden or perfume a room.

Courageous and adventurous garden additions, orange roses are available in every type of rose. So, whether you’re looking for a ground cover rose to blanket the garden floor or spill from hanging baskets; a hybrid tea or grandiflora to fill your vases with big, beautiful blooms; a floribunda or shrub rose to brighten your garden with abundant blossoms, or a climbing rose to cover garden structures in brilliant color, you’ll find an orange rose for that right here, and it will make your garden extraordinary.