Lavender Roses

Perfect for garden or vase

Lavender roses only whisper purple but still maintain the color’s mysterious and mystical nature. However, their aura of enchantment has a more demure and lighthearted energy. Lavender roses have an appeal that ranges from cultured, lofty, and properly polite to magical and hopelessly romantic. Adding to their charm, lavender roses symbolize positive transformation.

Of course, lavender roses are a favorite in mixed beds and rose gardens, but they are indispensable in cutting gardens. The big, beautiful blooms and long stems of hybrid tea and grandiflora roses are befitting large bouquets and floral arrangements, while the clustered blossoms of floribunda and shrub roses make pretty posies and nosegays, with just one snip. Although lavender roses pair well with most colors in a mixed, multi-hued floral arrangement, they create simply stunning monochromatic displays.

With all their allure, it should be no surprise these lovely lavenders are so often found in wedding bouquets, centerpieces, and arrangements. The refined, classic look of exhibition-style, high-centered roses combined with the bright hues or shimmery silver shades of lavender have all the glamour of high fashion and are well-suited to round and pomander bouquets. The old-fashioned double blooms, with their layers upon layers of ruffled and romantic petals, often in understated heathered tones that appear antiqued or tea-stained, add a sweet, fairytale quality to hand-tied and pageant bouquets.

In the garden, lavender tree roses afford an undeniable elegance when flanking a garden entrance or front door, and lavender ground cover roses add a certain grace, particularly pronounced when tumbling over the edges of rock walls or cascading from hanging baskets, all highlighted by the natural complementary colors of pale lavender flowers set against dark green foliage.

No matter the form, the mystique and poetic appeal of lavender roses is endlessly enchanting and unforgettable, especially when accompanied by a pleasing perfume.