Tree & Patio Roses

The highest quality on the market

Tree Roses

At Jackson & Perkins, we grow 36-inch tree and 24-inch patio tree roses. Each trunk (standard) is grafted with between two to four buds. The standard and rootstock are one variety of rose, selected for its wide range of climatic and soil adaptability and disease resistance, and the tops are grafted with different varieties. The 36-inch trees tend to be grafted with hybrid teas and grandifloras, and the 24-inch patio trees are typically grafted with floribundas. The bare root plants are over two years old when shipped. Available in several bloom sizes, colors, and shapes, the tree and patio roses in our collection are the highest quality on the market, and many are only available at Jackson & Perkins.

Rose trees can be planted directly in the garden, or you can add them to your favorite container as long as it's deep enough to accept the rose tree’s root ball. A note for northern gardeners: If the tree rose is going to be grown in your cold climate, they will need to be brought in during the winter. This means they must be in a container. If you want your tree roses to grow in the ground, your rose plant will have to be treated as an annual. Those gardeners who live in warmer climates don’t have to worry about the cold and can use rose trees to line their walkway or to surround the patio.

Rose trees are very popular used on either side of the entrance to your home or featured as a patio rose tree. Wherever you add your rose tree, you’re sure to delight in the vibrant blooms and sweet scents.