Rose Trees & Patio Roses

A Sphere of Lovely Color!

Tree Roses

Adorn your home’s outdoor living space with patio rose trees. Grow them in a decorative vessel and let them thrive effortlessly, adding vertical interest to an al fresco dining area or front entryway to greet guests. Offered in a wonderful array of blossom shapes and colors, rose trees can accent any home or landscape.

Jackson & Perkins rose trees for sale are shipped in bareroot form in either a 24-inch or 36-inch size, easily placed within a pot. Place a patio rose tree on a veranda or any other outdoor living area for a formal look. Each bareroot is matured in a nutrient-rich trial garden in California for two years, which allows them to develop strong, adaptable roots to ensure they work with a wide range of climates and home gardens. Plus, when placed in a container and elevated above ground, rose tree bushes are less susceptible to insects and other common diseases.