Yellow Roses

The color of friendship & fun!

Yellow is a gardener’s favorite color for a variety of reasons. It’s one of the first colors to greet us when the season turns from winter to spring. We associate the color yellow with sunshine, tulips, daffodils and even dandelions because they all brighten our yards and fields when the temperature starts to warm up. With how happy yellow flowers make us, it’s no wonder that yellow roses are seen as a sign of friendship, making them perfect for brightening someone's day! Give them to a new mother to celebrate her new bundle of joy or your best friend to commemorate the friendship you share. In fact, if you ever lived in Texas, you know the song “The Yellow Rose of Texas” is a huge favorite. Gifting yellow roses to someone with ties to the great state of Texas will give your gift true significance as a recognition of their Texas roots.

Whether gifting to a friend or yourself, you can find any yellow rose your heart desires. Our collection of yellow roses includes several solid yellow roses to choose from, as well as a variety of roses in a blend of two colors like yellow and red or yellow and pink. The hardest decision you will have to make is not whether you should include a yellow rose bush in your garden — that is a given. Of course you should! Instead, the hardest part will be to decide which yellow roses to order! Your new yellow rose bush will brighten any garden bed, but you’ll wish you had space for all of them in no time.

To choose the best yellow rose for your spot in the garden, start by choosing the type of rose you want. We have yellow hybrid tea roses, bright, sun-colored grandifloras, show-stopping floribundas, star-like ground covers and climbers. There is sure to be the perfect yellow rose for you regardless of which type of rose you prefer for your garden.

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