Pink Roses

Vibrant and youthful, pink roses have a decidedly rosy disposition

Pink is one of the most perfect colors for a rose. Having a decidedly rosy disposition, pink roses produce an uplifting effect, evoking a sense of happiness and joy. Vibrant and youthful, hot pink roses are fun and energetic. Hues of flamingo pink, punch pink, bubble gum pink and taffy have a candy confection appeal. But demure, whisper-pink roses beguile in pleasing pastel palettes of peachy pinks and blushed hues and in the soft shades of misty rose and ballet slipper — all decidedly romantic, especially in the ruffled and prolifically petaled old-fashioned English style roses. Bolder pinks, like rouge, fuchsia and hot pink roses, have a sophisticated appeal that can elevate a garden to the level of couture. And as Lilly Pulitzer said, “Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.”

Pink roses complement an array of colors. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a color that some shade, tint or tone of pink wouldn’t beautifully accentuate, and the possible color combos are seemingly endless. Adding to their allure, many pink roses have the floral “rose” fragrance we all adore.

Choose one of our pink climbers for a wall of color or to cover your pergola with beautiful pink flowers. Choose a ground cover pink rose to complement a stone or rock wall or a picket fence in your cottage garden. Plant a pink rose in a container on your patio and place it in a location that allows everyone to enjoy its beauty and scent. Plant one of our long stem pink hybrid tea roses so that you can enjoy them outside in the garden but also have stunning bouquets indoors. 

As you can see, there is no wrong choice when it comes to pink roses for sale. The only wrong choice is not to include a pink rose in your garden.