Flower Bulbs for Sale

Shining Lights in Your Garden

Jackson & Perkins has the most exquisite flower bulbs for your gorgeous garden. When most of us think about flower bulbs, we think of tulips and daffodils, hyacinths and crocus. These beautiful spring bulbs for sale are sold and planted in fall and bloom in early spring. But there are lots more bulb plants that are planted in spring and bloom during the summer. We include tubers, rhizomes and corms along with our spring bulbs for sale. Spring is the time to plant gladiolus, lilies, dahlias and iris. Our flower bulbs for sale will honor your unique aesthetic and color preferences. Our dependable bulbs provide spectacular color and unrivaled elegance. They are the most anticipated blooms of summer, and it’s easy to see why.

Find flower bulbs for sale that complement your landscape and architecture. Shop our great collection of gardeners’ favorites, including alliums, liatris, crocosmia, canna lilies and calla lilies if you are growing in sunny locations. If you are growing in shade, choose shade-loving flower bulbs like caladium, oxalis or even elephant ears. If you aren’t sure which varieties to consider, narrow down your selection by characteristics to discover a bloom tailored to you. Whether you need a tall flower bulb plant or a short front of the border flower bulb, we can help you find the right flower bulbs to complete your exquisite landscape.

Explore butterfly-attracting plants, edibles, season extenders, easy-care plants, hummingbird lovers and more, or choose bulbs based on light requirements, season and color. We have a great selection of flower bulbs for sale for you to choose from.