Lilium (Lily)

Classic addition to any garden for added elegance

Lily bulbs result in absolutely gorgeous blooms that have large, distinctive petals and come in vivid colors. It’s no wonder that lilies are a common fixture of ornamental bouquets—and you can grow a bouquet right in your own backyard with lily bulbs for sale from Jackson & Perkins.

Many plants include “lily” in their name, but aren’t actually lilies. True lilies come from the genus Lilium and grow from onion-like bulbs. At Jackson & Perkins, we use the name Lilium to clearly label our products so you know that you’re getting true lilies! We sell many varieties of lily flower bulbs, including Roselily, Trogon and Red Twin. Our lily bulbs also come in a wide color range, including white, orange, pink, red and more so you can choose the perfect variety for your home gardens.

There are several varieties of lilies, all with different bloom times. For months of gorgeous color, blend early, mid-season and late varieties together so you always have some lily bulbs blooming throughout the summer. Plant them in late spring or early summer for best results. Lily plants do well in the ground and also grow very well in containers and pots.

You should buy bulbs as close to planting time as possible because the bulbs deteriorate over time and don’t store well. At Jackson & Perkins, we recommend purchasing lily bulbs in late winter or early spring if possible to ensure that you receive the highest quality products. Don’t wait too long though because our most popular lily flower bulbs will sell out before you can get them!