Must Have Bulbs

Flowering bulbs your garden needs

Highly desirable and always easy to plant and grow, browse these beautiful collections of professionally grouped must have bulbs for your garden. Our professionals have selected them for their complementary colors, forms, and growing conditions. Looking for cool colored spring bulbs that emerge after the first warm days of spring? You have come to the right place. Our must have bulbs include spring beauties in innovative combinations as well as tried and true favorites that gardeners have enjoyed for generations.

Choose a pack of the same bulb and plant them in a group for a dazzling display. Generally, bulbs look best when planted in generous waves and groupings of 5 or more. Due to their popularity, easy planting, and low maintenance growing, must have bulbs are a favorite of gardeners year after year. What makes these collections different? Browse for yourself and you’ll soon discover how eye-catching these combinations and collections are. Plus, our professionals have done the homework for you and bundled ideally matched selections that look amazing and grow well together.

Consult our bulb growing guide to know exactly how deep your bulbs should be planted Did you know that you can layer bulbs in the same space? Dig your hole to match the depth of the bulb that requires the deepest planting. Add soil around those bulbs until just the tips are exposed. Then plant the next group of bulbs based on their depth, add soil and top with the must have bulbs that require the shallowest planting. You’ll have waves of beautiful blooms in a defined space to create maximum visual impact. You can even plant bulbs that bloom in early, mid, and late spring using the layered approach. When it comes to planting flowers, nothing is easier than a gorgeous collection of must have bulbs.