Bulbs Under $20

Save big bucks with our budget-friendly bulbs

The frugal gardener’s best friend, bulbs are a great garden investment. Properly placed bulbs return year after year, sometimes for decades; and many readily multiply, replicating themselves seemingly endlessly, making them even more economical. Bulbs are so easy to plant and grow, they're virtually foolproof, and they grow just as well in containers as they do in the ground. And with just a little planning, flowering bulbs will keep your garden and vases filled with beautiful, and often fragrant, blooms from late winter through fall.

Our money-saving selection of bulbs under $20 includes not only some of the most popular beloved bulbs, like tulips, narcissus (daffodils), hyacinths, irises, and lilies, but also some exotic and/or specialty bulbs. Choose from spring-flowering bulbs, summer-flowering bulbs, foliage bulbs, or bulb mixes, which deliver a complete themed bulb garden of complementary colors, bloom times, and heights with just 1 click. At these prudent prices, whether a sale price or an everyday low price, even the thriftiest gardener can afford to fill their garden and containers to the brim with these budget-friendly bulbs.