Bulb Mixes

Find curated bulb mixes with complementary colors, heights, and bloom times.

Not sure what bulbs to plant? We’ve done the homework so you can click, order, and plant ideal combinations for a designer bulb garden. With packs of single varieties in quantities that create eye-catching displays, choose from spring, foliage, long blooming, and striking color combinations of bulb mixes. Spring bulbs look best when panted in groups of five to six. And bulb mixes aren’t only for spring, you’ll find summer-flowering bulb gardens, too. Fragrant bulb blends create a perfumed outdoor living space for multi-sensory delight. If you lose blooms to rabbits, deer, and other critters, we have resistant blends that are ignored by garden pests. Vintage bundles will have you reminiscing about your grandparent’s flower garden and memories of simpler days.

Find selections with complimentary colors, bloom times, and heights. We have perfectly paired duos, beautifully balanced trios, and grandly grouped multiblends so your garden looks its best from beginning to end. Bulb mixes work well in concert but don’t have to be planted all together. Choose the best combinations for your garden or container. Singly planted bulbs may look sparse so help them show off by planting them in large drifts or in groups of 10 to 15 bulbs in mixed beds and borders. Add striking accents in pots, around shrubs, and in perennial gardens using groups of 4 to 5 bulbs. When planting in your landscape, choose locations carefully, because properly placed bulbs will multiply and return year after year, sometimes for decades.

Bulbs make gardening easy because they are simple to plant and by their nature, carefree. Bulbs contain everything they need to grow beautifully and reliably. Look for favorite garden blends and popular beloved bulbs like tulips, narcissus (daffodils), hyacinths, irises, and lilies. But also, be sure to include exotic and specialty bulbs. These bulbs are just as easy to grow but less common. Make gardening easy this year, and for years to come, with our bulb mixes.