Add distinctive blooms to your garden and vase

Dahlia plants are a fantastic way to add color to your garden this summer. You’ll find all sorts of dahlia flowers for sale at Jackson & Perkins, including the Firepot, Le Baron and Fleurel varieties. Whether you want dahlias that are pink, white, purple, orange or red—or even mix different colors together—you’ll find a wide selection of dahlias for sale on our website.

Dahlias are a type of tuberous plant that is related to many other colorful and popular flowers, including the sunflower and the daisy. Dahlia plants vary in colors as well as size, with blooms ranging from two inches up to the size of a dinner plate. The stalks grow rather tall, usually in the range of four to five feet. Their growing season is about 120 days long so they provide color for many months at a stretch before it gets too cold for them.

At Jackson & Perkins, we recommend planting dahlia bulbs in late spring after the last frost has passed and the soil temperature is at least 60°F (15°C) or warmer. If the soil is too cold, your dahlias will struggle, so don’t be too eager to plant them. You can start the tubers inside and transfer them outside later if you would like.

Choose a location for your dahlia bulbs that receives full sun and is somewhat protected from the wind. Larger flowers should be planted on their own so they have room to grow, while smaller flowers of a lower height mix well with other summer flowers. Taller stalks will require support stakes so you can get the most out of your dahlia plants from Jackson & Perkins.