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Trees & Shrubs

Plant living architecture that grows with your garden!

Whether you’re planting fragrant flowering shrubs or opting for a living wall made of carefree evergreens, shrubs and bushes are the standout plantings in any garden. We are proud to offer a complete selection of vigorous, long-lived, easy-care varieties that suit a wide range of climates and garden styles. From cotton candy-colored hydrangeas to butterfly-enticing buddleia (aptly named butterfly bushes), you can add color, style and visual interest to your garden and enjoy it year after year. Design theme plantings and garden accents around the centerpiece of majestic trees and shrubs and enjoy its ever-increasing beauty for many seasons to come.

Another consideration when choosing your trees and shrubs is winter interest. This is especially important if you live in northern climates. Choose evergreens for color year-round but then add interest by choosing plants with colorful bark like red dogwood or peeling shaggy bark like the Betula Heritage. Many of our shrubs for sale have berries that will be held on the trees or shrubs into winter giving the birds a winter meal and giving you visual interest of the berries and the birds.

The best part? Some of our favorite flowering shrubs and bushes also provide fruit. This means that you not only get to enjoy the vibrant colors and sweet flowering smells, but you also get to treat yourself to the tasty rewards of your garden. Maybe this is the year you add a container-grown citrus tree. This tree needs to be brought indoors in fall where it will continue to produce fresh oranges or lemons for your family. Shop our trees and shrubs for sale and complete the garden of your dreams today.