Trees by Type

Trees are the sentinels of a home’s landscape

A sure sign of a neighborhood’s longevity is the size of the trees. A yard without trees almost seems barren, we’re so accustomed to their standing in our landscape and garden design.

And why not? They are beauties. A strong trunk with telltale bark, shimmering leaves in the breezes of summer, branches swaying in the winds before a summer rain, and dew drops glistening on buds and leaves on cool mornings. And a swing, don’t forget a swing lolling from a sturdy, mature, shading branch.

Trees have a lot of benefits to our home and landscape in addition to their beauty. Towering trees can shade our homes and save energy in the heat of summer. Trees give off oxygen and provide homes and protection for wildlife. Trees save water, prevent erosion, and deliver many other benefits too.

But a tree doesn’t have to be the monolith of the yard. Trees come in dwarf and fruit varieties some of which can be grown from a container. So, whether you are growing from the north forty or your apartment patio stoop, don’t forget to include a tree.

Each of our trees includes the full complement of information about growing. Start with your growing zone then determine the characteristics that are most important to you like fall foliage color, bloom time, growing habit, height, and width.

You’re sure to find the perfect tree to add to your landscape at Jackson & Perkins.