Featured Trees

Our featured trees include gardener’s favorites and easy to grow varieties

Trees are the pillars of a home’s landscape. A yard with mature trees evokes pleasant memories of summer picnics or a shady place to rest from summer’s heat. Use trees in your garden and home’s landscape as the foundation of an enviable yard.

We’ve compiled some of the most colorful and bountiful options here for you. And not all of our featured trees need a yard to grow in. Some thrive in a container on your porch or balcony. Jackson & Perkins has an extensive collection of trees that includes deciduous and evergeen, trees that flower all season or sweetly in the spring.

Trees have many benefits for our home and landscape in addition to their beauty, providing shade that can save energy in the heat of summer. Trees also give off oxygen and provide homes and protection for wildlife.

Each of our trees comes with detailed information about planting and care. Be sure to verify your growing zone and that your tree selection falls within the recommended zone range. Then pick the trees that fit your landscape vision.

We’ll ship your trees at the ideal time for planting in your growing zone. So, no need to wait to order. Browse these options and more. Our trees come in dwarf and fruit varieties in addition to full-sized favorites.

You’re sure to find the perfect tree to add to your landscape.