Featured Shrubs

A selection of showy and flowering shrubs for your gardening inspiration

Our exclusive collection, complete with favorites chosen by our growers and customers, will inspire your gardening creativity. Shrubs and bushes are the foundation of a home garden’s design. When you envision the renowned landscapes of golf courses, and hotel grounds, they are replete in the variety, depth, and stature that only shrubs can deliver.

Our featured shrubs are varied in their presentation from sculpted to free form. Whether you’re searching for compact sentries of bushes to line your garden’s perimeter, or a fruit-bearing type, our selection has dozens of options. Shrubs are the garden’s workhorse since they are easy to grow and provide masses of flowers, carpets of color, and foliage with multiple seasons of interest depending on your selections.

Looking for flowering shrubs and bushes? You’ve come to the right place. At Jackson & Perkins we have spring flowering and season-long blooming varieties. A natural connector between flowers and trees in the garden, shrubs delight the eye and draw focus from one layer of your landscape to the next.

Plant them singly, as a grouping or sprinkled into mass plantings. Every garden needs these pops of beautiful color and rich texture. Shrubs and bushes are ideal for hiding blemishes in the yard due to their compact and densely branched nature.

Whether you’re looking for long-lasting, blooming shrubs that flower all growing season or delicate, spring-scented bushes that flourish early then transition to bold displays of organic, bright foliage into fall, you’ll find our featured shrub selections includes a host of worthy options.

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