Flowering Bushes & Shrubs

Multi-season beauty plus majestic garden architecture

At Jackson & Perkins, we offer an extensive collection of flowering shrubs and bushes that are ideal for front yard curb appeal, walkway borders or the creation of garden walls to separate lawns and add privacy. Find shrubs and bushes with anything from scented flowers to fruits. With various blooming seasons or a simple leafy physique, many evergreen flowering shrubs are tough-as-nails, offering low maintenance and a lively green, year-round foliage that survives during colder months.

Grow flowering bushes within shady borders, sidewalk plantings and even large decorative containers situated on a patio or outdoor living area. Grown to perfection, each specimen arrives as a young shrub with healthy roots intended to establish effortlessly wherever they’re planted. From classic, compact Boxwoods to vibrant, reaching Forsythia and voluminous Hydrangea, we deliver a diverse assortment of sizes and shapes to suit any outdoor home space and to adorn architectural elements throughout a landscape.