Companion Plants for Roses

Add perennials that complement your roses

Our stunning quality roses deserve friends in the garden, and we have a wealth of gorgeous perennials that perfectly complement all the colors, forms and fragrances of your favorite hybrid teas, floribundas, climbing roses and more. Jackson & Perkins rose companions are made up of a large collection of perennials ready to provide the colors, fragrances and forms ideal for showcasing your favorite roses. Plus, your bees, birds, and butterflies will thank you for these additions to your garden.

New to companion plants for roses? We’re here to help. You’ll want to plant your rose companions 12 to 18 inches away from roses to avoid disturbing roots. Choose companion plants with similar growing requirements, in terms of water, fertilizer and sunlight. You’ll want to avoid aggressive plants that may crowd out your roses or compete for water and nutrients. Order your roses’ new best friends today.