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Avant-Garde™ Clematis


two-toned blooms are absolutely stunning.

The Queen of the Climbers, it will add a pop of vertical color anywhere!

Plant Patent #16,074. Cultivar Name: Evipo 033

Inner set of pinkish-lavender petals upon larger, frilly, maroon petals.

The Avant-Garde™ has an unusual, almost whimsical look for a clematis. It has been described as "a dahlia sitting on a rose." Its 2-inch blooms have frilly, pinkish-lavender petals fanning out from a fringed, golden-yellow center that are nestled upon a set of larger, heavily frilled, deep maroon petals. This gorgeous flower has a long and prolific blooming season from midsummer to early fall.

The Avant-Garde Clematis is known for its unusual form and beauty as well as its strength. It is famous for its propensity to climb and vine. It easily reaches a height of 10 feet, growing eagerly up vertical surfaces, and grows to a width of 3 to 4 feet. Just as easily it grows along the ground to form a bed. It thrives in full sunlight and partial shade and in soil that is normal to loamy. The Avant-Garde™ Clematis is perfect growing thickly over a trellis or fence and can be trained to lay in a bed or as border.


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Genus Clematis
Species viticella
Variety Avant-Garde™ 'Evipo033'
ppaf PP#16,074
Zone 4 - 9
Bloom Start to End Mid Summer - Early Fall
Clematis Pruning Group 3
Habit Vining
Plant Height 10 ft
Plant Width 3 ft - 4 ft
Bloom Size 2 in
Restrictions *Due to state restrictions we cannot ship to the following:
Canada, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Idaho

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