The Color Language of Roses

At Jackson & Perkins, we are all about roses. They come in almost every color imaginable and all have unique qualities that make them amazing. Whether you want to convey love, gratitude, passion, or friendship — there is a rose for every sentiment. So, for Mother’s Day or any gifting occasion, show your love, appreciation, and gratitude with the gift of garden roses that are almost as wonderful as your loved ones and friends.

Red Love and Romance

red • love and romance

There is nothing quite as beautiful as a classic red, velvet -smooth rose. Red roses have appeared throughout history as a token of love, affection, and romance. A red rose is perfect for a first date, anniversary celebration, or any other relationship occasion.

White Innocence

white • innocence

White roses are known to be used in many places to represent a number of emotions. Though it is known commonly as a bridal rose, the white rose can also be used to express more than innocence and purity. White roses are often used as a token of sympathy, honor, and reverence.

Orange Passion

orange • passion

Burning bright and fiery with passion, orange roses are sure to liven up any room with their daring color. Orange roses are used to represent desire, enthusiasm, and passion. These are the perfect gift to someone to show enthusiasm for a special event, a birthday, or as a hostess gift to brighten up someone's home.

Yellow Friendship

yellow • friendship

As bright as the sun, yellow roses are perfect for brightening up anyone’s day. They are most often used as a token of friendship, joy, or even as a wish of wellness. Yellow roses are perfect for giving to a friend on their birthday, to a new mother to celebrate the new bundle of joy, or to an ailing co-worker to brighten their day.

Pink Appreciation

pink • appreciation

Similar to the red rose, pink roses are often given as a sign of affection. Dark pink roses represent gratitude and appreciation, while light pink roses are used to represent gentleness and affection. Give a bouquet of pink roses to your hard working co-worker or to mom on Mother's Day!